The commercialization of Inventor’s product concept is an expensive, risky, difficult and uncertain process. Only a small percentage of inventions become commercially successful. Trentco Innoventions does not promise or guarantee that the Inventor will receive any profits, success, results or financial gain.

Trentco Innoventions is NOT a Legal or Patent Service and does not provide any legal advice to the Inventor in these areas. Trentco Innoventions gives no advice as to whether your idea is patentable. Such advice can only come from a patent attorney. Full patent protection provides legal protection for ideas and inventions.

Please see caveats by the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Neither Trentco Innoventions nor the patent attorney/agent can promise or guarantee that the USPTO will issue a patent to the Inventor.

Your potential patent rights may be adversely affected by any attempt to commercialize your invention before a patent application is filed. Non-confidential disclosures of your invention may also trigger certain statutory deadlines for filing a patent in the United States and could prevent you from obtaining valid patent rights in countries whose laws provide that a patent application must be filed before there is a public disclosure. Inventor should treat the idea as a confidential subject to avoid losing any patent rights.

About Our Innoventions Book

• The Innoventions Book is not an evaluation of your idea, but rather assembles important information and attempts to emphasize the most positive features of your idea.

• Trentco will research most ideas and does not determine the feasibility of your idea. Trentco relies on your belief that you are the original inventor.

• Trentco cannot be aware of or responsible for the existence of similar concepts which may already be on the market or may be introduced at a later time. It is not possible to adequately check the marketplace for similar products.

• Trentco is assembling information regarding your idea for the purpose of preparing the Innoventions Book.